Sober Holidays in Portugal

Aerial photo of a sober holiday retreat centre

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Experience the Beauty of Nature, Participate in Therapeutic Activities, and Connect Others.

At CATCH Recovery, we believe in celebrating the milestones of your recovery journey. One such significant step is embarking on a holiday that fosters and reinforces your sober lifestyle. We’re here to guide you in planning an enjoyable and rejuvenating vacation that aligns with your path towards a life free from drugs and alcohol.

While holidays traditionally offer a respite from the rigours of daily life, the unfamiliarity of new environments can sometimes pose challenges for those in early recovery. Concerns such as maintaining routines that support sobriety, avoiding relapse triggers, and choosing and understanding travel companions are often at the forefront. That’s why we encourage the same level of mindfulness for planning holidays as we do for other ‘firsts’ in your recovery journey.

To further assist those in recovery, CATCH Recovery is delighted to announce a partnership with New Life Portugal, a premier wellness retreat in the stunning Serra Da Estrela region. Offering a holistic approach to wellness, New Life Portugal combines exercise, meditation, yoga, counselling, and coaching amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Their knowledgeable staff are equipped to provide support for those new to sobriety, struggling with stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression, and those seeking to learn effective healing techniques like meditation.

The staff at New Life Portugal are informed and prepared to offer support if you’re newly sober from compulsive behaviours, looking to reduce stress, heal from burnout, or want to find help with anxiety and depression. A recommended and effective healing technique for recovery, meditation can be learned at New Life Portugal.

Why Take Sober Holidays?

A well-planned sober retreat is created to protect your sobriety while you take advantage of all the delightful activities you love to do when you’re on vacation.

Planning a sober vacation entails organising your time so you can keep up the behaviours that support your sobriety, like going to meetings and remaining active in your recovery network to avoid isolation. Thinking about your first sober vacation companions is another aspect of planning. The choice between having a wonderful first sober vacation and getting triggered into relapse can be made by choosing to travel with people you trust, have a close relationship with, and who understand your sobriety.

Who Can Enjoy Sober Holidays?

If you recently finished treatment, are in early recovery, have never travelled without acting out addictively, or have been sober for some time but still find travelling challenging, you may be interested in taking a sober vacation.

By making travel arrangements in advance, you can be supported around anything that might cause an emotional disturbance or relapse. You can also travel to safe locations with safe people. While on vacation, triggers may include airports and flying, unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells in new environments, language barriers, jet lag, and/or the unknown in general. 

Your healing builds a connection to all facets of everyday life, including holidays. You can have the luxury of time away, as many people do, while on a sober vacation.

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Next Steps

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