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Professional & Personalised Assessments

Is Your Situation Leaving You Lost and Confused? Our Professional Assessments Can Help You.

Concerned about your addiction and unsure how to proceed? We’re here to guide you. At CATCH Recovery Dublin, we offer comprehensive professional assessments that are tailored to provide a thorough evaluation of your addiction, physical health, and mental wellbeing. Our objective is to fully understand your unique situation and propose a treatment path that best suits your needs. By creating an open, safe, and supportive environment, we help you take the first essential steps towards recovery.

What Takes Place During a Consultation on Addiction?

  1. You will meet with one of our committed assessment specialists for 90 minutes in person or online after calling one of our staff members to schedule your addiction consultation.
  2. In order to decide the best degree of care to aid in your addiction recovery, they will listen to your story, review your substance usage, and go over your medical history.
  3. Following the consultation, you will be given a detailed explanation of the recommended treatments so you can decide how to proceed. Family members or partners may participate in this conversation upon request.

If the assessment determines that you need a higher level of care than what the CATCH Recovery programmes can provide, our staff will be pleased to help you get connected to one of our reliable residential partners, such as Smarmore Castle or Castle Craig.

There is no requirement to proceed with the course of treatment we advise. It’s common to wish to leave and think about your possibilities.

What Takes Place Following the Consultation?

After the consultation, a member of the CATCH Recovery team will be in touch with you to talk about your next steps and answer any concerns you may have about the various treatment options we have recommended. We will begin creating a care plan for you if you are willing to commit to treatment and are prepared to take the next steps towards achieving addiction freedom.

What Options Are There for Treatment?

We and our partner rehabs provide a variety of services that can aid in your addiction recovery. At CATCH Recovery, we favour a comprehensive approach to your situation over a one-size-fits-all strategy. 

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment programmes may be a good fit for you if you have personal or professional obligations that prevent you from committing to typical inpatient treatment. If you have a solid support system and don’t need the round-the-clock care that inpatient treatments offer, outpatient treatment is a good option. 

You will remain at home while undergoing treatment under the CATCH Recovery outpatient rehab programme, visiting the facility for therapy or group sessions on specific days. This gives you the liberty and flexibility to carry on going to work and taking care of your regular daily obligations.

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Online Therapy

At CATCH Recovery, online rehab is a convenient option to take advantage of our outpatient addiction treatment programme without having to leave your house. If you believe you may be battling with addiction but are unable to commit to a traditional inpatient stay, our flexible, confidential, and research-informed online therapy is a terrific choice. You can access the top treatment specialists in London’s online rehab programme from any location.

Inpatient Treatment

You might stay at inpatient treatment facilities, commonly referred to as rehabs, for one to three months. They are safe, tranquil, secure, and drug-free environments. The length of treatment can vary based on a number of variables, such as the extent and duration of your addiction, the kind of therapy that will work best for you, and any specialised care you might need. A peer group of other clients who can provide guidance, support, and company is also provided by inpatient treatment programmes, along with counselling, psychoeducation, and round-the-clock medical assistance.

You can entrust CATCH Recovery to arrange for inpatient care at one of our sister facilities, Castle Craig or Smarmore Castle.

Continuing Care

The first step to leading a life free from sickness is finishing your addiction therapy. We have created a continuing care programme to allow a peaceful transition away from the treatment environment in order to set you up for success and prevent relapse.

Various packages are available for your consideration. You might attend individual, group, family, couples, or online relapse support groups during CATCH’s continuing care programme, depending on the package you choose, to continue learning about the causes of addiction, enhance your relationships, and assist you in developing healthy coping mechanisms.

If you finish an inpatient programme at Castle Craig, you can participate in the CATCH Recovery continuing care programme as part of your treatment. 

CATCH Recovery Dublin partners with Smarmore Clinic to provide exceptional outpatient services. Committed to helping individuals on their path to recovery, CATCH Recovery Dublin offers a comprehensive range of outpatient programs and resources. These services are designed to be flexible and accessible, allowing clients to receive top-quality care while maintaining their daily routines and obligations.

Through evidence-based therapies, personalized treatment plans, counselling sessions, and ongoing support, CATCH Recovery Dublin empowers individuals to conquer addiction, develop healthy coping strategies, and lay the groundwork for lasting recovery. The collaboration between CATCH Recovery Dublin and Smarmore Clinic ensures that clients seeking outpatient services receive compassionate care in a trusted and nurturing environment.

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